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High Power 2W



lThe gain is up to 95 + 3dB, and the magnifying ability of super strong signal

lThe Chinese intelligent real-time display signal value, the signal strength is clear at a glance

lThe full metal shell is strong and durable, and the shielding effect is better.

lEmbedded fully intelligent signal detection instrument

lIntelligent installation of troubleshooting, installation of the problem system will prompt and provide solutions

lThe standard covers 350 square meters, up to 32 with a mushroom head covering 8000 square meters

lStandby automatic dormancy, energy saving and energy saving, prolonging the life of the machine

lThrough the national mandatory 3C certification, the regular manufacturers, the quality and reliability of safety and reliability Villas, clubhouses, high buildings, office buildings, rural mountainous areas, villages in the city,KTV, shopping malls, hotels, basement and other large places for application

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